Wajer Yacht is exactly the sort of vessel you can take on a languid cruise around the sparkling calas and towering rock formations of Ibiza and Formentera; it can also stir up some serious wake if the mood dictates!

Available today in five different models, Wajer Yachts were created in 1992 by Dorus Wajer, a man whose fundamental vision, passion and perfectionism have shaped the strong foundation upon which his shipyard is now anchored. His original boat, the Captain’s Launch, is still famous for its quality, craftsmanship and iconic lines; it has since been built upon and innovated over the years to inspire four more models of boat. This summer will now see the launch of the Wajer 55, a 16 metre powerboat and the largest model built to date. As a company that started life in the flat lakes and canals near Amsterdam, it is somewhat surprising just how well these boats are built for a place like Ibiza. They were made for life roaming around the Balearic Islands, and looking pretty at the same time. There is almost nothing more beautiful than the magical light of the island reflected in the polished hull, and fragmented by the sea. Not only do the boats look the part, they are renowned for their reliability and exceptional engineering. This reflects Wajer Yachts’ belief that the exterior of a boat is only half the story – what is hidden away behind the panelling and the floors is equally crucial to your long-term enjoyment. Every Wajer interior is built by technical experts who always keep ease of maintenance in mind, and this is exactly the laid-back kind of boating experience that makes sense on this laid-back kind of island. The Wajer offices can be found, unsurprisingly, in Marina Bottofoch , overlooking the old town. Wajer Yachts: wajeryachts.com

Instagram: @wajeryachts_official

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