In the picturesque bay of Portinatx, the romantic nine-bedroom boutique hotel, Los Enamorados, sits nestled by the waterside. This beautiful creation of charismatic couple Pierre Traversier and Roze de Witte is a not-so-secret bohemian escape in the north of Ibiza. Their labour of love is a world-class hotel, beach bar, bazaar and eatery thatshowcases a passion for style and food alike. Pierre is the sort of guy you could develop a man crush on. Effortlessly cool, this laid-back entrepreneur is a former basketball player, looks like a cross between Idris Elba and Danny Glover, with a wicked sense of humour and a giant heart to boot. His enthusiasm for travel is wonderfully apparent in the unique look, feel and culture he and Roze have curated around Los Enamorados. The hotel’s global and local influences are tangible – Italian sheets, Swedish massages, Danish furniture, Ibicencan produce… The list goes on. Pierre and Roze are collectors of the eclectic, of ideas and intriguing design – all of which has translated charmingly into their haven by the sea (and a little bit into Pierre’s 500-pair strong sneaker collection). Like everything on offer at Los Enamorados, the food is exquisite and Pierre is always eager to engage guests in exuberant discussions about the menu, full of insight and shrewd recommendations (try the tuna tacos and miso aubergine – you won’t regret it!).

We caught up with Pierre whilst he and Roze were travelling in Japan to get his thoughts on life and the island.

What is your hotel background?
Neither of us actually has an official hotel background…We stumbled across this abandoned old hostel, right on the water one day when we were exploring Portinatx, and were immediately drawn to it. It was pretty worn-out, but we couldn’t allow such a lovely building go to ruin. We took it over with the intention of creating a sort of ‘big house’ and this is what it’s evolved into. Over the past 12 years, we’ve traveled extensively and always stay in one country for a month, making sure to visit a minimum of three hotels in that time – from
bed and breakfasts to five star hotels. This has given us an extensive range of experiences to draw from, and helps influence how we’ve approached Los Enamorados. The interiors are truly unique!

Where do your influences come from?
We are serious travelers, so the interiors are inspired by many different bits and pieces and looks from all over the world, as well as our crazy brains! Roze has an amazing talent for creating an individual style out of all the experiences we’ve had, and has also built up a fantastic collection of items that she’s found over the years. We wanted our guests to feel like they are at home when they come to stay – every room is totally different and has its own personality.

Aside from your lovely space, what is your favourite hotel?
There’s an island in Japan called Naoshima which is almost entirely dedicated to modern art museums, sculpture and architecture. It’s an amazing concept! You can stay at Benesse House which is like a combination of an art museum and a hotel and was designed by Tadao Ando.

Do you have a favourite item of furniture at Los Enamorados?
There’s this one chair that looks like the tail fin of a whale or dolphin. I love that piece because it reminds me of an injured dolphin who once swam into the bay of Portinaxt. We spent two hours trying to save him, but sadly he passed away. I also like the Harp Chair by Danish designer Jørgen Høvelskov. They look a bit like sailboats and work really well in a seaside setting. The only problem is that they’re pretty expensive!

What’s your favourite dish from Los Enamorados chef, Alberto Pacheco?
Alberto is a seriously creative chef who spent some time travelling the world with me and Roze, so his palette is extremely diverse and quite representative of the interiors. If I had to pick a dish, it would either be the Tuna Tacos or the Gambas Tacos.

If you could change one thing about your hotel what would it be?
I would love to be able to play live music sometimes. The law in Ibiza can be a bit tricky about things like that. With live
entertainment, it’s really about finding the right balance and making sure you are always respectful of your neighbours.

If you could change one thing about the island what would it be?
Ibiza is known for its music, but I would like to see a little more variety, change the big players out sometimes with some new
DJs and artists. Give people a chance to experience alternative genres like reggae or hip-hop. Oh and I’d like to outlaw those
huge advertising banners and put up palm trees instead! Thank god there are none of those up in the north of the island.

We understand you played basketball – tell us about that…
Yes, I played professionally for 27 years. I loved being part of a team; it taught me amazing things about working strongly
together with others, which I apply to my family life. Chicago Bulls used to be my favorite team but now I’m a big Golden
State Warriors fan. Stephen Curry is the man!

What time do you get up in the morning?
What’s a normal day like for you?
Between 7.00 am and 7.30 am – the sun is my wakeup-call! Once I’m up, I exercise and stretch for 30 to 40 minutes, then
shower, have a breakfast of orange juice and mango, then head to the hotel for the rest of the day. Sometimes I take a boat out
to sea from the hotel to watch the sunset and then I go home for dinner.

What do you love most about Ibiza? What do you dislike?
I love the green and the blue of Ibiza. I don’t really like the overly commercial side of Ibiza – which keeps growing every
year. In high season, almost 300 commercial flights land per day. I do understand that people need to make money, but we
have to have secret beaches for a reason – which should be for people to investigate for themselves, not listed out in a travel book.

Clubs or beach, or both?
I’m not really much of a club goer – I’d definitely prefer to go to Las Dalias market.

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