The third largest of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza has a year-round population of just 150,000 people; over the tourist season the island welcomes an extra four million visitors per year – double the number from a decade ago. As one can imagine this is having serious effects on the island’s infrastructure, land use, water, waste, energy and transport. Each year 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our seas and ocean with predictions stating that by 2050 there will be more tons of plastic than fish in our oceans.

Accepting responsibility for the mark we leave on the world has become an issue that’s more prevalent than ever – there’s undoubtedly an increasing worldwide consciousness surrounding throwaway culture and a move towards a more sustainable state of living. That’s why it is so refreshing to learn about the work Love Ibiza Now are doing to make a change.

Co-founded by Ana Lui, Matias Alexandro and Hjordis Fogelberg, Love Ibiza Now is a non-profit organisation bringing people together to create long lasting solutions for Ibiza’s environmental needs. Aiming to promote a more sustainable way of living, there passion is to create a community on the island to inspire, unite, educate and empower people to take more care of the beautiful surroundings they are a part of.

Love Ibiza Now is passionate about making a change and is encouraging locals, businesses and tourists alike to lead more eco-conscious, sustainable lives, making plastic-free choices and treading more lightly on our island before it is too late.

Over the winter months, Love Ibiza Now gathers the local community to clean the island’s beaches and shores – not only an important exercise in improving the health of our beaches and seas but also a fantastic way to raise awareness and educate our people about the global issues of plastic pollution. Planning towards a ‘plastic free ibiza’, Love Ibiza Now is joining forces with an array of organisations to discuss easy solutions of how to replace, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic products in our homes, businesses and public institutions.  The coordination and first steps of the movement are supported by the Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) and the Marilles Foundation.

Should you wish to get in touch with Love Ibiza Now then please visit their website ( to learn more on how you can help. In the meantime, why not take part in ‘Love Ibiza Selfies’? If you are taking part in a beach clean, getting plastic out of the sea or picking up cigarette buts they want to know about it! Send them your Selfies and tag @domusnovaibiza in your posts – we would love to see what you are doing to make a difference to this beautiful island.

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