It was only a matter of time before Ibiza would introduce its very own co-working space for the island’s many freelance-based and independent workers. Offering a professional working environment, theHUB caters to individuals who can inspire, connect and motivate other like-minded creatives. We had the pleasure in meeting Kellie and Sam, the creators of this space, to discuss their journey in envisioning and eventually executing what has become theHUB.

How did you guys actually meet?

Kellie: The island is a small place, especially when you’re an expat! Sam and I actually had a lot of friends in common but our paths had only briefly crossed once and we didn’t really engage in conversation. My 30th birthday was approaching and a few friends decided to rent a villa for that weekend to celebrate, which happened to be Sam’s home. Once the dust had settled on my birthday celebrations, Sam got in touch with me and asked me out to dinner. It may have been a different story if we had wrecked the place!

 How did you both end up in Ibiza?

Kellie: I first came to Ibiza in 2007 on holiday with a big group of friends. We came back every year until 2012 when I decided I wanted to live here permanently and moved over for good in April 2013. I’m a musician and wanted to be in a more creative environment where I could develop myself as an artist, and was fortunate to secure a steady job in the music industry which gave me the financial security to do this whilst staying in Ibiza year-round.

Sam: My first Ibiza holiday was in 2007 for the closing parties, which then turned into coming back for six or seven more long weekend trips across 2008 and 2009! Needless to say it was love at first sight, and I eventually moved to the island in 2011.

What do you love most about Ibiza?

Kellie: It’s beauty and hedonism. I’m discovering new corners of the island all the time and I genuinely feel most at peace when I’m exploring it. Whether it be on land by foot or under the water during a swim, it is an amazing place to call home and attracts a lot of great things in many aspects of my life.

Sam: It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Initially it was the partying that brought me here, but that has since changed! I’m very proud to call Ibiza home – the mix of people here, a strong expat community and being able to crack a joke about things with Ibicencos in a number of cafés across the island. This place is truly special!

 Where did theHUB idea come from and how has the journey been to get to where you are today?

Kellie: As I mentioned earlier, I was lucky enough to have work here as soon as I arrived, however this involved working mostly remotely from my apartment. I did this for about three years and I found that it was very counterproductive. More so in a creative sense, as I would work eight hours per day from my ‘studio’, which actually was the spare bedroom in my apartment, and after a long day of sitting at that desk I would feel like I wasn’t in the frame of mind to create music in that same space. Often, I wouldn’t get dressed or leave the house unless it was to go shopping. When Sam and I met three years ago, we spoke about the idea of creating a space where we could grow a community of like-minded people on the island who could collaborate. With my skillset being in personal assistance and office management, and Sam’s in entrepreneurial background and key connections on the island, we decided to start seeking out a suitable space and the investment needed and within a month, we created the space we now call theHUB.

Sam: Kellie and I saw an opportunity to create a proper co-working space on the island. Kellie is a perfectionist when it comes to getting things to work and has had some experience in working in shared spaces before. I was also very keen on the idea of having an office where I would be surrounded by other hard-working and passionate individuals. Ultimately it was our ambition to bring people together who could collaborate and add value to each other’s propositions.

Is there a plan for expanding theHUB?

Kellie: Well, our business is just under two years old, with the first of June this year marking our official second birthday. We’ve already expanded physically into a new space within the existing premises to increase our member capacity and our intention for this year is to explore expansion in other ways including bespoke events, ‘work-away’ weeks for corporate company training and a schedule of regular activities steered toward health and well-being launched before the summer.

Sam: In the immediate future we want theHUB to be the best co-working space possible. This includes maintaining and improving the current great working environment and improving upon our social, business and learning events schedules along with all the facilities needed to make that possible. If we were to do another space I think Thailand and Peru would be on the list!

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