The Winter is the time to tune into our bodies and nurture ourselves in preparation for the warmer months. We are spoilt for ways to do this on our magical isle which has become one of Europe’s premiere spots for Wellbeing talent from around the Globe to set up home … but who is the real deal? We asked Erin Knowles, owner of Ibiza-based My Island Retreats for some great ways to kick off 2020 with full power…

Yoga Teacher – Lauren Lee

You know those Yoga teachers that make you think “I want to be her!” ….

Yoga Goddess Lauren Lee has just this month touched down on Ibiza having moved here from Bali. Her style is DEEP. It’s soulful. It’s empowering. Her classes are steeped in beautiful devotion with reverence to the ancient Yogic traditions, yet totally authentic and accessible. This girl is rocking it and after her class you will be too.

Anusara Inspired Hatha Flow // Tuesday 10 – 11:30am // Project

Retreat – Aliwalu’s Red Rice Retreat at Atzaro

I wish I was going on this gorgeous retreat hosted by Vital Chef, Artist & Health Coach Aliwalu. The idea of the red rice detox is to restore the natural PH of the body and provide it with concentrated Yang energy. This helps restore peace to the mind and improves concentration. The retreat includes a diet of Red Rice & Gomasio, Japanese Teas & Soups, Detox Rituals, Yoga, Qi-Gong, Meditation, Detox Massage, Saunas, Coaching with Aliwalu, Inspirational Talks, Ink in Motion, Art Therapy, Silent Walks & Sharing Circles.

Retreat dates February 26th – March 3rd.

Spiritual – Elena Teixdor’s Sound Journey

Elena’s sound journey is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had since moving to the island. You lie back with your eyes closed all cosy under your blanket whilst she guides you using her voice, various instruments, breath awareness and aromatherapy. It’s kind of blurry because I was so relaxed. She sings and sometimes talks in a mystical whisper, she plays a guitar, the hang, flutes, gongs, shamanic drums & quartz singing bowls. There’s the ‘eagle moment’ where she uses a large eagle feather and asks us to connect to our heart centre, our intention and to visualise a flying eagle. Absolutely blissful.

Fitness – Rewild by Danny Plant

Fitness nerd and personal trainer Danny runs a bootcamp in the garden of his campo home. Starting with a few friends who wanted to get fit, word spread. Morning boot-camps are focused on functional fitness with basic gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and Olympic lifting. The perfect way to get in shape with lovely people in a gorgeous location.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:30-10:30am at Casa Plant

Tuesday & Thursday 2 – 2:45pm at The Hub

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