Ibiza, like most other European countries, has had a sudden yet necessary shift in everyday life, encouraging its residents to stay at home as much as possible for a greater cause in fighting a pandemic. Whilst for many island residents, working remotely is nothing new, the concept of staying at home can come with feelings of fear, anxiety and boredom. Turning an unprecedented time into an opportunity to put extra care into your personal wellbeing and health, we share some of our favourite tips on how to stay healthy at home and cope with working remotely.


It might not come as a surprise to many on an island where healthy eating is championed across the gastronomy sector, yet it’s crucial to reiterate just how important healthy eating is during this time. You may have heard the saying that eating in is the new eating out, and yet, many cafes, restaurants and other food hotspots continue to offer delivery services across the island. At a time where our bodies are more sedentary than usual, eating healthy is vital in maintaining energy levels, increasing our attention levels and giving all the love to our body that is needs. And remember, be mindful of your shopping habits to ensure all have access to fresh and nutritious produce.


Now, more than ever, is a difficult time to be confined to one space as the weather picks up even more, the sun shines for longer and the time changes. Whilst it’s not possible to spend a day down at the beach or go on a family hike for the time being, make sure to get your dose of sunshine regardless. Whether that’s by sitting in the garden or on our balcony to soak up the rays or going for a cautious short stroll (making sure you follow government regulations regarding leaving your home), fresh air and some sun is sometimes all it takes to feel rejuvenated.


For many islanders losing the chance to be outside means a disruption in exercise routines. Rather than letting this demotivate, make do with the equipment and space you have at home to compose a personal at-home workout. Whether that means yoga, dancing or stretches, what works for you is entirely different to what works for others, but the most important point to note is to say active where and when possible. Countless studies also support the direct relationship between mental wellbeing and physical activity, some citing that increased activity induces structural and functional changes in the brain, which determine enormous benefit on both cognitive functioning and wellbeing. So, stay active as much as possible.

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