The covid-19 lockdown is going to throw up many challenges, especially if you have little people to look after or are still trying to work from home at the same time.

A daily workout, however, can help on many levels during these times. Anything from a 20-minute HIIT session to a full bodyweight workout lasting 60 minutes will do the trick. Working out can be the breathing space between teaching, cooking, cleaning and whichever other roles you are juggling these coming weeks. It can also be the new habit you pick up during lockdown; something that kick starts your new fitness regime. Start slow and keep it simple. The same applies to more experienced athletes. You dont need a lot of kit or a lot of time to get it done.

We asked island fitness guru Danny Plant for his tips on how to keep a healthy body and mind during lockdown…


Not every day has to be a hardcore session. 20 minutes of stretching or meditating on rest days, for example, is enough to keep the wheels turning and will not fatigue you. The workout should become your daily sanctuary time.


Scribbling down a workout will help you stick to it and get it done on time. write down the workout and allocate time to each part.

Downloading a tabata app is a good idea for hiit and circuit training, i use smartwod which is free and can be played over spotify.

Example workout structure:

Warm up: 4 minutes

40 secs work 20 secs rest x 4

High knees/walk outs/squat jumps/air squats

main workout: 20 minutes reps of (descending ladder)

Jumping jax

Dead bugs

Alt lunges

Press ups

stretch and breathe: 7 minutes

Cat cows

Child pose

Pigeon pose

Whatever feels good!


if you have 40 minutes to get your whole workout done I’d make sure you spend at least 5/10 minutes at the end stretching. We stretch at the end as this is when the body is at its warmest and most bendy and you can normally get deeper into a stretch which is how we improve mobility. it’s a nice time to let your heart rate return to normal too.


Burpees, press ups, squats. If all you did for a few weeks was variations of these classic moves you’re going to notice the difference! It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.

Consistency over complexity. That’s the game.

If, however, you do have kettlebells or dumbells lying about, the world is your oyster. Practice compound moves (multippe joint, think ground to overhead with a dumbell for example) mixed in with some metabolic conditioning ie cardio (burpees, jumping jax, skipping) and a stretch to finish and you’ve ticked all the boxes (or metabolic pathways to be precise).


Your favorite music, your best spandex, your dog, Joe Wicks… whatever floats your boat. Working out makes us feel good, releases endorphins and makes us stronger and healthier physically and mentally… it’s a way to declutter and recalibrate daily. Just because you’re not going to the Olympics doesn’t mean you you’re not going to reap the benefits.

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