Words by Abby Poem

There’s no denying that the wind has changed, that the planet is sending us a message to slow down, to reconnect to ourselves and to the nature around us. We don’t have to perceive this virus as all bad news. Yes, there is tragedy and it is predicted that there will be much more. But, we are blessed to be on this beautiful Island and while maintaining the upmost respect for the lockdown period and social distancing there are so many things we can do at home to bring positive and healthy life patterns into our current existence.

As a yoga teacher, musician and crystal energy healer, I feel happy to share with you a variety of options to help you bring routine and a positive mindset into your days. You’re welcome to join me on Facebook and Instagram [@Abby Poem] for regular live yoga classes, mantra singing and guided meditations. And if you feel to indulge in the esoteric realms of crystals and distance energy healing, you may be surprised by the phenomenal power of receiving the channelled energy of crystals with specific healing intentions.

Crystals are gifts form Mother Earth herself. They are highly vibrational healing tools, as well as being delicate, shiny, fascinating forms of raw art. They brighten up any home from a visual and energetic perspective and for this reason I am part of the team at the Crystal Mountain, Ibiza, where we showcase some of India’s finest healing crystals, available for you to have in your home.

If you are interested to see more visit our website www.crystaltemple.love or contact me directly for preview of our latest stock enroute from India – 0044 7786 062 023.

For now, stay well, stay safe, and enjoy being at home.


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