Whilst we are spending more time than ever at home, there’s no better time to start thinking about our lifestyle habits and their environmental impact, especially following Earth Day earlier this week. We have witnessed the positive environmental effects of a global lockdown on the campo, the shorelines, the wildlife and the air, which more than ever highlights our negative impact on the planet.

In an attempt to help us all live in a more eco-conscious way, Ibiza Preservation have joined forces with Trasmapi-Be Blue and ECODES as part of the ‘Sustainable Homes’ initiative. Their mission is to educate us on easy ways that we can help reduce energy consumption, save water, minimise food miles and cut down on plastics and waste. Supporting our local businesses and the planet simultaneously has never been easier, with the influx of ecological food delivery services including Ibiza Produce, Ibiza Delivers and Green Delivery Ibiza. We can reduce our carbon footprint and eat well in one easy fell swoop!


Ibiza Preservation Foundation want us to make the most out of the global lockdown and view this ‘crisis as an opportunity to take positive steps towards building a brighter and more sustainable future.’.

They have shared their top quick and simple steps with us for a sustainable future that you can start today:

1. Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth, wash your hands and shave to save 6 litres of water a minute

2. Turn the oven off 5 minutes before you finish cooking, the temperature will stay hot enough to cook your food

3. Use the dishwasher instead of washing by hand saves 30 litres of water a day

4. Move the fridge at least 3cm away from the wall. This allows it to easily disperse heat and function more efficiently

5. Swap your daily bath for a shower to save 70,000 litres of water a year

6. Don’t start running the tap until you have first scrubbed all of your dishes!

The initiative doesn’t stop there! To involve the whole family, they are also running a drawing competition for children. Each week will focus on a different aspect of sustainability in the home. Entries are judged in two categories of ages 8-12 and 13-16. The overall winners of the competition at the end of lockdown will receive a return ticket for four people and a car from Ibiza to Formentera along with a hamper packed fully of local produce!

Around the world 3 billion people have been confined in their homes due to COVID-19. If a small percentage of us improve their daily habits and routines to be more eco-minded, it would make a positive impact on the environment. One at a time we can make a difference. Let’s turn corona virus on its head and make it the catalyst for us all to start living in a more sustainable way!

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