When creator behind Goldtooth Vermut Veenus Vortex began her journey to become a qualified herbalist, it was inevitable that her knowledge of the palm realm together with her background in natural wines would lead to creating her very own contemporary sipping vermouth, inspired by the coastal herbs of Eivissa with mystical qualities.

Reinterpreting the traditional Spanish vermouth to create a a fresh, unexpected and accessible concoction, the final result presents a palette of flavours layered in a complex blend of botanicals and herbs which linger in the mouth and open up beautifully as you sip. At the heart of the concoction is a blend of rock rose, thyme, artemisia, fragrant orange peel and hibiscus – mixed to perfection by the herbalist’s skills. Goldtooth Vermut’s base uses a wine made from Parellada and Xarello grapes and has additional flavours by Veenus’ own blend of native wild botanicals from Eivissa.

Perhaps one of the greatest details of the product is its commitment to 100% sustainable foraging. As Veenus asserts herself, “what this means in practical terms is that we leave 90% of the herb where it is to play its important part in the eco-system of this island we call home. Foraging with an awareness of the animals, bees and other plants which are all interlinked in a loop that we are also a part of, is crucial to our business model.” In addition, the brand actively practices seed-scattering as they work in order to help with the regeneration of the plants – and their fantastic efforts echo the importance of sustainability being voiced on the island.

Veenus took inspiration from the Spanish sherry making tradition to incorporate a method which “blends a little of the last batch into the next, which keeps the ‘mother’ alive in the spirit.”

Beautifully packaged in a clear glass bottle with a natural cork closure, the label features a linear profile that was inspired by “Eivissa’s Phoenician moon goddess of fertility, art and creativity.” The name of the brand likewise takes inspiration from the island’s irregular gold rocks when thrown into relief by the sun and shade of the coastline.

Brilliantly finished with a unique and sustainable story attached to the brand, Vermut Veenus amazed us with her newest creation and message.

IG: @goldtoothvermut

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