In the midst of all the uncertainty, changing our lives forever, our latest issue was being explored and developed, and centres around another crucial matter which has dominated the islands conversations for many years. It’s finally here, and we’re thrilled – Domus Nova Ibiza – Magazine 04 – 2020 Edition.

It has never been more apparent how much society contributes to the deterioration and collapse of our planet. The environment is delicate and vulnerable and needs respect and preservation if future generations are to recognise, experience and enjoy the world as we know it. Over the last few years, the island has taken on a collective responsibility to protect our planet, adopting more eco-conscious alternatives and a more sustainable lifestyle. The voice for action among Ibiza’s community has been inspiring, a phenomenal effort and initiative as the island struggles to cope with the significant rise in population every season.

We are dedicating this issue to the growing groups of individuals championing for real change. From upcycling single-use plastics to offering sustainable-tourism solutions or greener food production, Ibiza is at the forefront of the battle to reduce our impact on the planet and is dedicated to preserving the beauty of the island for many years to come.

Take some time to read our amazing features, covering topics from Luxury Travel, by Alexea Grech, to Sustainable Planting, The Journey of Ojo de Ibiza, and our lead feature by Maya Boyd.

Click here to discover the digital version, or you can collect a copy on the island today!

The features in our latest edition include:

Right Here. Right Now by Maya Boyd
The Journey of Ojo de Ibiza
My Island Retreats
Sustainable Planting
The Future of Luxury Travel by Alexea Grech


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