For generations, Ibiza has been a magnet for explorers and dreamers, attracting creative and free-spirited minds from around the world. They still come, of course, but the islands is attracting an internationally diverse group of entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who not only want to experience all the White Isle has to offer, but also want to leave their mark in a collaborative and sustainable way. Here are just a few of our wonderful friends who are doing just that… We’ve sat down with our one of our latest cover features, Rory Spowers of Re-Generation and spoke to him about why he loves the island.

What brought you to Ibiza and why?
Like a few others I know who have ended up living in Ibiza, or the hapless duo in Whitnail and I, I sort of ‘went on holiday by mistake’ – a bizarre sequence of events ended with me joining an old friend on a last minute visit to see an apartment for sale in Ibiza Town. I soon found that the island was far from what I had imagined. In fact, within about half an hour, I had decided that I wanted to live here. Serendipitously, a year later, an old friend of mine invited me to stay with him and start developing a film project. An invitation for which I will remain forever grateful, as it proved life-changing, not just for me, but for my whole family, who moved a year later and all love it as much as I do.

What do you do here?
I continue to write and campaign around ecological themes and curate content for events and festivals. Last year I launched a new educational media and events platform for systems change and regenerative culture, called The Re-Generation, and am currently working on a new book of the same title.

How would you describe your typical work day?
It really depends on the time of year – it might include a few hours at my desk in the morning, a swim at the beach or a hike in the hills where I live near San Juan in the afternoon – and maybe a meeting or two over coffee in a café somewhere.

What positive changes have you seen in Ibiza over the years?
There is such a diverse and interesting flow of people in Ibiza, which I have never really encountered anywhere else to such a degree. A real sense of community, but composed of people from many different cultures. I think the island has the most incredible potential to build it’s capacity for self-reliance and resilience, in the face of the ecological catastrophe that is unfolding. It could in fact become a beacon exemplar to the globe, a crucible for self-reliance and regenerative culture, combining renewable energy technologies and regenerative agriculture techniques, alongside community supported agriculture schemes, plus intelligent design for water conversation, such as basic rainwater harvesting methods. The island could then exist very happily, entirely independent of the fragile supply lines and centralised infrastructure and institutions that will be increasingly jeopardised by the climate crisis.

Where do you see the island in five years?
If all the above were to be implemented, in five years the island could be a global model for regenerative culture and an example of how deep systemic change can be achieved when communities come together and take action. The seeds are already there, such as some of the regenerative farming initiatives on the island. It just needs more people with vision, energy and resources to come together and replicate these ideas as widely as possible – from solar micro-energy grids and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, to harvesting rainwater and cutting-edge desalination technologies. Few places on the globe, if any, are quite as blessed as Ibiza with this potential.

Where do you go in Ibiza to escape the crowds in the summer and what is your favourite winter retreat?
I go back to the UK in every summer, partly to escape the heat and the crowds, but also because I have become quite involved with running events at various summer festivals. During the winter I love making the most of sunny days to eat at La Escollera or Sa Caleta.

Which clubs do you recommend on the island?
Heart is worth checking out.

And top three restaurants?
La Paloma, The Food Studio and Giri Café are my favourites.

Top 3 Beaches?
Benirrás, Xuclar and Cala Misteya.

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