‘It all started with a simple idea early in March. How can we say thank you to those fighting for the lives of our families, friends and communities? How can we say thank you to those putting their own lives at risk for us?’ – Together for Healthcare Heroes

As the world went into lockdown and we all retreated to our homes for safety, those working in the healthcare industry bravely continued to work on the frontline risking their lives. Together for Healthcare Heroes decided as an international community we needed to thank them. Their mission is to gift 10,000 healthcare heroes with a free, luxury holiday in Europe.

The initiative was born in Ibiza, when local entrepreneurs, residents and businesses looked to find a way they could give back to medical workers sacrificing so much to protect us. The idea then formed to swap hospitals for holidays and gift a week’s free say in a luxury home or hotel across Europe in April, May or October 2021, including flights.

Together for Healthcare Heroes is currently working with both the healthcare community and some of the most reputable hospitals in Europe to define a transparent and fair nomination and selection process to reward those on the frontline. They have partnered with over 60 high end accommodation providers, including the Concept Hotel Group, OD Hotels and Aguas de Ibiza. The charitable initiative continues to look for luxury hoteliers and property owners to donate a week to the cause and for sponsorship or fundraising support to cover flights.

The Domus Nova Group are proud to support this initiative, with Matt Crowther, Head of Domus Nova Ibiza, and Rupert Baird-Murray, Creative Director of Domus Nova Ibiza, sitting on the advisory board for initiative and working closely alongside the team.

Rupert Baird-Murray, Creative Director said: “I’m extremely proud and excited to be a part of this fantastic initiative here in Ibiza. Our healthcare workers and families deserve a break and by working together, we can say a big thank you and give them the holiday they deserve. It’s our way of saying thank you for all their hard work and sacrifices made and are still making in looking after us.”

The Covid-19 crisis continues to impact people globally every day. Please help Together for Healthcare Heroes in showing our appreciation. Visit https://www.togetherforhealthcareheroes.com/ to find out more on how you can help.

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