For generations, Ibiza has been a magnet for explorers and dreamers, attracting creative and free-spirited minds from around the world. They still come, of course, but the islands is attracting an internationally diverse group of entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who not only want to experience all the White Isle has to offer, but also want to leave their mark in a collaborative and sustainable way. Here are just a few of our wonderful friends who are doing just that…

What initially brought you to Ibiza?
My grandfather built a house here in the 60’s, and my family have always been in love with Ibiza. I have been living here for nine years now but have spent most of my holidays on the island since I was a baby. When I was growing up, I was sad and frustrated to see that some of my favourite beaches were over- developed, from one summer to the next, and after working for several years in Mexico and Central America in environmental and development issues, I thought that it was a good time to come back to Spain.

What does a typical day on the island look like for you?
I am responsible for managing and coordinating the Ibiza Preservation Foundation projects, so my typical day would consist of stakeholder meetings, identifying future projects and addressing fundraising issues. Working at Ibiza Preservation has allowed me to protect the beautiful environment that we still have. One of the most important characteristics of our work is the creation of alliances and partnerships between different stakeholders and staying politically independent. Collaborating with business associations, local administrations and farmer cooperatives has allowed us to achieve important results, such as stopping five oil drilling projects around Ibiza and Formentera, partnering with The Water Alliance to create sustainable water management proposals which have been adopted by all the political parties, and promoting Plastic Free Ibiza and Formentera, which has been integrated by more than 20 local NGO’s.

What positive changes have you seen in Ibiza?
An increasing number of businesses are interested in protecting our environment. Ibiza Preservation is developing creative partnerships with business leaders that understand the importance of environmental protection to improve the island’s competitiveness, such as the Marine Forum, which takes place annually. Rather than seeing the situation as a confrontation between environmental protection and tourism, an increasing number of partners realise that these two go hand in hand. It’s the beautiful turquoise waters of Ibiza and Formentera which attracts tourists, so we need to protect the Posidonia control Wastewater Management.

Where do you see the island in five years?
I see an island where all the political parties have reached a pact in terms of the model of island that we want and agree on regarding its carrying capacity. An island where natural resources are taken care of wisely, so that both residents and visitors have a beautiful and sustainable experience. An island that is a model of sustainability for other islands in the world, and that the brand “Ibiza” can be used to inspire others towards a true sustainable development.

What are your go-to hideouts in the summer and winter?

Throughout the winter months I love going for walks following the coast, like in Pou des Lleo area, Cala Martina or Santa Inés. During the summer I won’t say it, or they won’t remain secret anymore!

Do you have three favourite restaurants on the island?
That’s a very difficult question, as we have so many lovely places. My favourites would have to be La Paloma in San Lorenzo, Ve Café in Santa Eulalia and Can Costa in Santa Gertrudis.

Any beaches you can recommend?
I would have to say S’illot des Rencli, a small pebbled beach offering stunning views of the surrounding cliffs. During the colder months I love visiting Las Salinas on the south coast of the island.

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