For generations, Ibiza has been a magnet for explorers and dreamers, attracting creative and free-spirited minds from around the world. They still come, of course, but the islands is attracting an internationally diverse group of entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who not only want to experience all the White Isle has to offer, but also want to leave their mark in a collaborative and sustainable way. Here are just a few of our wonderful friends who are doing just that…

How long have you lived here? What brought you to Ibiza and why?
My work brought me to Ibiza! In 2016 my friend and architect, Rafael Pialoux, introduced me to a client of his. I had just started my own design practice in Paris. Quickly I got more projects on the island, and eventually in 2018 I decided to take the jump and move from Paris to Ibiza to live and work on this beautiful island.

What do you do here? How would you describe your typical work day?
I’m an independent landscape architect and designer, I take care of the landscape designs, spatial strategies, organisation and supervision of the works for public, private and commercial clients. A typical day? Those don’t exist for me! Some days I spend drawing and organising projects from my studio, I go visit nurseries to select trees and plants, and other days I find myself on site setting out plant compositions, marking walls and supervising the works. The beautiful part of this job is that you never get bored. There are so many facets and scales and the landscape of Ibiza is a great context to work in.

What positive changes have you seen in Ibiza over the years and what would you like to see improve?
I am very happy to see that more and more people are starting to renovate the agricultural lands; olive and almond trees that have been abandoned for years are pruned again, and stonewalls are renovated. The increasing interest and consciousness for the necessity of local produce is a good step forward. People also have become more conscious about the water scarcity, and there is a growing interest in indigenous and arid planting. I think we should go even further; the Ibicencan landscape is a very specific landscape typology, even quite different from the other Balearic Islands. It would be good to be more precious about it and to protect and honour this landscape type.

Where do you see the island in five years?
I wish for Ibiza to have smarter and greener public spaces which prioritise pedestrians and cyclists rather than a car. I also believe that it would be much more sustainable for the island if we could move towards a more year-round economy; we would improve the quality of life for both residents and tourists as well as the island itself. Ibiza is a true gem, so we should be more careful and think in a long-term aspect.

Where do you go in Ibiza to escape the crowds in the summer and what are your favourite winter hideouts?
During summer I have some nice secret rock formations by the sea which I like to go to for a swim, to draw, write or just sit and enjoy the endless blue of the Mediterranean. I also love exploring the north of the island, from San Juan towards Portinax.

Top 3 Clubs
Pikes, Pikes and Pikes!

Top 3 Restaurants
Les Terrasses, La Granja and Ses Bigotes.

Top 3 Beaches
Playa Escondida, Experimental Beach and Cala Salada.

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