For generations, Ibiza has been a magnet for explorers and dreamers, attracting creative and free-spirited minds from around the world. They still come, of course, but the islands is attracting an internationally diverse group of entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who not only want to experience all the White Isle has to offer, but also want to leave their mark in a collaborative and sustainable way. Here are just a few of our wonderful friends who are doing just that… Sam Dean of theHUB Ibiza fills on in on his journey to the island that he now calls home.

What brought you to Ibiza and why?
Music brought me here originally. A minimal techno sound-tracked holiday in 2007 to be specific. I said to my friends who I was with at the time that I was going to live here one day. They said I was off my head (which I was) but here we are. So, I came for the music but stayed for the beauty of the place and the inclusive nature of it.

What do you do here

I co-founded theHUB with my girlfriend Kellie nearly three years ago now. theHUB is a community-focused workspace designed to pull together the wonderfully diverse individuals and businesses on the island and encourage them to collaborate on new ideas. I then co-founded vezzaHUBat at the beginning of 2019 with Riccardo Vezza after being completely blown away by what is possible using digital automation to help businesses grow and improve using technology.

What positive changes have you seen in Ibiza over the years and what would you like to see improve?

I’ve been on the island full-time for nine years now. The winters used to be an extreme opposite of the summer months, but that has changed quite a lot. The winter population has now increased dramatically and with it a diverse range of options for things to do, the possibility to create a co-working space for expats which didn’t exist five years ago, for example.

The age of VIP on the island is something which has changed certain things quite dramatically, sometimes too much. It does seem to regulate itself now, but I would like to see some more balance in this sector. Ideally these clients would shift their desire in experiencing the entire island rather than just the VIP areas – it would also result in more revenue for the island’s businesses and initiatives.

Where do you see the island in five years?

With the drive and ambition of all the amazing projects that Ibiza Preservation are championing, I see the island really setting an example on sustainability for the rest of the world. I’m optimistic and also proactively contributing to help where I can – it feels like change is in demand and there is an expectation for a more responsible way of doing things. I would also love to see an increase in the amount of food consumed being grown and sourced locally, and the work that Ibiza Produce are doing is already making a significant difference. Watch this space, there’s some great work being done!

Where do you go in Ibiza to escape the crowds in the summer and what are your favourite winter hideouts?

If I’m not surrendering myself to the crowds and getting involved, I am at theHUB, plotting and scheming. However, it is nice to get off the island and head over to the UK during August if it’s possible with my schedule. The winters in Ibiza are the best time of the year, in my opinion. There never seems to be an end to the beauty of the place, and there is always something new to see or experience. In an ideal world I would, however, go to Thailand for a few months and train Muay Thai whilst my girlfriend gets the chance to scuba dive.

Top three clubs?
DC10, Octan (Sankeys), and Amnesia.

What about top three restaurants?
Patchwork (Sa Punta), Comidas San Juan, and Ses Escoles.

And top three beaches?
Cala Vadella, Cala Saladita, and Benniras.

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