For generations, Ibiza has been a magnet for explorers and dreamers, attracting creative and free-spirited minds from around the world. They still come, of course, but the islands is attracting an internationally diverse group of entrepreneurs, movers and shakers who not only want to experience all the White Isle has to offer, but also want to leave their mark in a collaborative and sustainable way. Here are just a few of our wonderful friends who are doing just that…

What brought you to Ibiza and why?

I was born here and was fortunate enough to have grown up on the island. My parents came to Ibiza in the 60’s to turn on, tune in and drop out. I grew up in the non-conformist community in the mountains around Sant Joan, in the north of the island. The rest is history.

What do you do here? How would you describe your typical work day?

In 2014 I came across Las Cicadas and fell in love immediately. The house is a beautiful casa payesa, meaning farmhouse, with typical architecture but which also has the feel of a Mexican hacienda. The property feels like a small village with the courtyards, staircases and spread-out buildings. Our guests tend to come from creative industries and media. During the summer months we organise a lot of events, so I’m very much involved in that. Winter is for improving the business, office work and working on music in various music studios around the island.

What positive changes have you seen in Ibiza over the years and what would you like to see improve?

The crowd in Ibiza has become a lot more young, creative and conscious. The island has always attracted interesting and unique people, but in recent years there has been a wave of newcomers with the motivation to create something here. There are interesting, tasteful and sustainable projects popping up, bringing new vibes to the island, while striving to maintain the authentic magic that brought us all here in the first place.

Where do you see the island in five years?

More sustainable than it is now! Solar-water heating, recycling, no-plastic events, no-plastic drinking water, sustainable and biodegradable amenities in the rooms and more. Also, I hope to see a return of authentic and humble businesses like Vino y Co, La Paloma, Can Guimo, Taco Paco …. We’re all tired of VIP tables and production-line luxury. Opulence is boring.

Where do you go in Ibiza to escape the crowds in the summer and what are your favourite winter hideouts?

I love the north of the island where we can take in the beautiful nature and be with like-minded individuals. The northern and eastern coasts hide some of the best beaches and coves and also the cleanest water. The winter is beautiful in Ibiza – much calmer than the summer. The weather is great and there is always something to do.

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